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What is a Podiatrist?

A podiatrist, also called a doctor of podiatric medicine, is a specialist who provides medical diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle problems, including, but not limited to sprains and fractures, bunions, heel pain/spurs, hammertoes, neuromas, ingrown toenails, warts, corns and calluses.

A podiatrist also renders care of infections, and injuries of the foot, ankle and heel. In addition to undergraduate medical school training, podiatrists also attend graduate school for a doctorate degree in podiatry.

Podiatrists are required to take state and national exams, as well as be licensed by the state in which they practice.


When should your resident/family member see a Podiatrist?

A podiatrist should be seen if patient has the following symptoms:

• Foot pain of any kind

• Noticeable change to nails or skin

•Feet are severely cracking, scaling, or peeling

• Thick fungal infected nails- toenail is getting thicker and causing discomfort

• Blisters on the feet

• Sores or infections on the feet

• Circulation problems

• Elderly or disabled for general foot care, i.e. toenail trimming Or, has the following medical conditions:

• Diabetes

•Peripheral vascular disease

• Thrombophlebitis

• Thromboangitis Obliterans

• Arteriosclerotic Vascular Disease of lower extremities

• Peripheral Neuropathies of the feet

• History of non‑traumatic amputation of the foot or lower limb


About the Doctor

Dr. Jerwana Laster was born and raised in the Chicago metropolitan area.  She completed her undergraduate studies in Biology at Northern Illinois University.  She graduated from Dr. William Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine and completed her medical-surgical residency at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in Far Rockaway, New York. Dr. Laster also completed a Wound Care/Hyberbaric Oxygen Fellowship at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital.  She specializes in on-site podiatric services for the geriatric community who reside in nursing homes, assisted living centers and rehabilitation facilities in the Indiana area.  Some of these facilities include:  Manderley Health Care Center and Clearvista Lake Health Campus. Dr. Laster recently established her mobile podiatry service - We Heel the Sole Podiatry, LLC - where she continues to provide high quality, comprehensive foot care for the geriatric community.   We Heel the Sole Podiatry, LLC offers a wide range of services including: comprehensive evaluations and exams, diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders, continuity of care, treatment of acute foot problems and wound care management. We welcome the opportunity to visit your facility and speak with you about the programs and services we offer that will benefit your residents. 

Additional Information

How often will Medicare pay for nail trimming? Medicare will cover this service once in every 61 days, if your condition meets Medicare guidelines. Most common conditions that fit these criteria would be diabetes, swelling of legs or problems with circulation.

What information do I need to make an initial appointment with WHTS?

When calling for the first time please be ready to provide the following information: • Patient’s first and last name • Date of birth • Full address and phone number for contact • Insurance information, including any supplemental insurance info. What are the benefits of on-site podiatry care?

• All podiatric services are HIPAA and Medicaid compliant.

• Receiving diagnostic and therapeutic foot care by experienced professionals without the hassle of leaving the safety and security of your facility.

• Consistent foot care services by the same podiatrist and their staff and prevention and early identification of more serious complications.

• Healthy feet allow for residents to be more active, which has a direct effect on their mental and physical well‑being.

• Family members appreciate the conveniences of the on-site podiatric care and services.

• Providing comprehensive on-site podiatric services in your facility will differentiate you from your competitors in the marketplace.

• Providing on‑site podiatric services will eliminate the need for your staff to use valuable patient care time transporting patients to and from a podiatrist’s office. What does WHTS provide to your residents/patients?

Our podiatric services will provide comprehensive foot care to your residents. This program is administered by a caring doctor who is able to provide the following:

• Initial podiatric assessment

• Diabetic foot care

• Preventative care of foot infections

• Preventative care for deterioration of tissue resulting in loss of limb

• Trimming of mycotic or ingrown nails (Onychomycosis) • Comprehensive treatment of painful calluses and corns

• Comprehensive treatment of foot trauma

Why is elderly foot care important?

• Elderly tissue is very fragile creating a great deal of liability for the facility when staff is responsible for routine foot care.

• Certain foot care procedures that are generally considered to be routine may pose a hazard when performed by a nonprofessional on patients with a systemic condition that has resulted in severe circulatory complications or areas of desensitization in the legs or feet.

Who will be caring for your account and your residents/patients?

• Licensed Podiatrist- Dr. Jerwana Laster

• Clinical Assistant- Assists Dr. Laster on-site with any paperwork, scheduling, follow-ups, etc.

• Office Manager- Handles all resident facility accounts, client services, monthly scheduling, etc.

How are clients billed?

WHTS bills and accepts assignment from private insurance companies, Medicaid and Medicare on behalf of the podiatrist.


WHTSP accepts Medicare Part B and supplemental secondary insurances. This means that we will bill Medicare directly, (NEVER the patient) for our services.

Insurance card(s) MUST be presented during the first visit.


Our Self-Pay rates are for those patients who opt to privately pay for treatments. (WE HEEL THE SOLE PODIATRY LLC bases all its Self-Pay rates on the standard Medicare fee schedule.)

We accept personal checks and cash as payments for the services. We also accept credit cards (additional $2 service fee)

• $220 Basic Podiatry House Call (New Patient Evaluation)

• $125 Basic House Call (Established Patient Visit)

• $600 Six Month (6 VISITS) Routine Foot Care including Toenail Trimming.

Ideal for Patients who need monthly appointments to trim thick, difficult to cut toenails.

Note: Medical procedures performed at the time of your house call are in addition to the house call fee. Call or email us to inquire about specific rates for commonly performed procedures.

If you have residents/patients who would benefit from our services, please contact us TODAY!


Email: WeHeelTheSolePodiatry@gmail.com or



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